Our Honeymoon in Asia- Day 1

One of the most enjoyable things about wedding planning was choosing our honeymoon destination! We went through a lot of options but finally landed on Asia, with the agreement I would get my Hawaii dream vaca by our tenth anniversary 😉 I am SO happy with the decision we made!! It was so much fun, and Japan is now one of my favorite countries to visit..EVER!

We spent 6 days in Kyoto, Japan and the rest of our trip in Taipei, Taiwan. Here is a little snippet of our adventures our first day!  Continue reading “Our Honeymoon in Asia- Day 1”

Day 3 in Kyoto

The main attractions we viewed today were: Nijo castle, Nishiki market and Takashiyama

We walked miles and miles yesterday so decided to give ourselves (and our feet) a break. First thing in the morning we visited Nijo castle. Lucky for us the castle was just around the block from our apartment and we managed to arrive just as they were opening. The place was packed! The castle was very ornate and beautiful on the outside with lots of cool engravings and a beautiful garden surrounding it. We took a tour of the inside as well and saw lots and lots of screen paintings. Some of the things I found most interesting were:

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Our Journey Begins

As I am writing this we are preparing for our first Christmas as a married couple. We are nervous, excited, happy, tense and a bit exhausted. The purpose of this blog is to remind both of us of all of the blessings we have in life and especially how those blessings have manifested through one of our absolute favorite things to do, travel. I am so lucky to have met a man like you, Charles. You are the best travel buddy a girl could ask for. So let’s get started!

Your wife,